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John Bryant talks about his life in Munich


Im Zuge des Trainingslagers in Bruneck, standen am letzten vollen Tag Trainer und einige Spieler angereisten Pressevertretern Frage und Antwort. Vor einer technischen Trainingseinheit mit Analyse stellte sich John Bryant den Fragen von BBLProfis.de zur Verfügung. Dabei gab es einige offene Antworten.

BBLPofis.de: Hi John. How was your summer?
John Bryant: It was really good. Went home. Enjoyed myself. I spent time with my family. Was hanging out for a little bit. Seeing my family after so long was good for me. 10 ½ months of not seeing the family is a long time. I stayed at home for 2 weeks and then I went travelling for a little bit. I saw a few friends and visited other places.

BBLPofis.de: Did you see any of your teammates?
John Bryant: None of the Bayernplayers. I saw some of my old teammates from former teams.

BBLPofis.de: After a year in Munich, would you say there is a difference to your old teams like Ulm or your college teams?
John Bryant: Ulm and Bayern a different from college. Ulm is different from Bayern because here there is a lot more training and a different feeling to Ulm. It was difficult at first but after the success and what we did last year, everyone is giving more than last year. Every situation is different to each other but Ulm and Bayern are different to college.

BBLPofis.de: Do like how the club is organized? Is Bayern differently organized than Ulm and American teams?
John Bryant: Bayern has a good organization. Marko takes care of everything. He handles everything, if you have any problems. They are definitely a good organization. The club takes care of their players. Ulm did that as well, but here there are a lot more recourses. Things like medical facilities and training facilities. When I came here last year, they organized me an apartment which was really nice. So I stayed there for this year. They handled everything on that line as well. It feels like home. They take care of everything here.

BBLPofis.de: Do you like Munich as a city?
John Bryant: Yes definitely. I like Munich as a city. It is a beautiful city. As I rode my bike to practice every day last year, you get to see different things. It is a 15 – 20 minute ride. It is pretty easy. I don’t live that far away. Munich is an amazing city with a lot of culture. There are a lot of cool things happening in this city.

BBLPofis.de: How do Americans notice Bayern as a club and German basketball?
John Bryant: If people are really into soccer, they know. I got a few cousins who are really into soccer know who Bayern is. But I don’t think they really knew that Bayern had a basketball team. They are mainly into soccer. The club is world known and even some of my family knows Bayern.

BBLPofis.de: Do they know about European basketball at all?
John Bryant: Most of my friends are basketball players too, so they know about European basketball and the Euroleague is a pretty good league to play. Some of my family members may not know. But most of the people I know, know that European basketball is pretty alive. It is a great opportunity to meet some of the best players outside the NBA. It is something they know.

BBLPofis.de: Before you came to Bayern, did you know that Bayern has many fans but also many people hating Bayern?
John Bryant: Yeah. Just before I moved, I was talking to some other players. They said to me: “be ready they either love you or hate you. Most people in Germany gonna hate you. Everybody in Munich is gonna love you but the rest of the country will hate you.” I was prepared for it but not to the level it was.

BBLPofis.de: So you were prepared for the reaction of the fans in Ulm?
John Bryant: Yes, I was. But it was a career move for me. It was a great career move for me playing in the Euroleague. It is a great opportunity to play on a greater stage. And they will understand this. I was told that fans will react like, “go where ever you want to, just not to Ulm.” They definitely don’t like Munich over there. It was definitely a tough decision for me to take. Everything fit into place with Bayern. It just worked out for me. I am happy to be here. And I made that decision.

BBLPofis.de: How do you think Bayern will perform this season? In Germany and the Euroleague? Do you think it is harder than last season?
John Bryant: Well, with the Euroleague it definitely is harder than last season with this group. And in Germany everyone is trying to take down the reigning champion. They come out and play with most energy and play the best game of the season because they play against the defending champion. It is a statement. You have a target on your back. I think we can handle it well with the guys we have. The guys we brought back understand this and know what to expect. We just have to let the young and unexperienced players know what to do to win. If we stay healthy and keep doing what we are doing we will be very successful in the German league and the Euroleague.

BBLPofis.de: In Ulm you got the Ulmer Münster tattooed on your back. Do you think you will get something similar tattooed in Munich?
John Bryant: (laughs) let’s see what happens this year. If we become back to back champions I’ll think about it. I haven’t had any plans to add anything yet. We will see what happens this year.

BBLPofis.de: Do you think Munich is different to the rest of the country?
John Bryant: Munich is definitely different to Ulm. That’s all I can really say. It has more of a big city feel. Like the people, they are more fast paced. Everyone is always trying to get somewhere, got something to do. Ulm is a lot more laid back. More relaxed.

BBLProfis.de wants to thank John Bryant for the interview and Bayern for the opportunity to hold the interview in such a relaxed environment.

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