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Lawrence Hill talks about the Artland Dragons and the German Basketball

Lawrence Hill
BBLProfis.de: Hey Lawrence Hill. First of all best wishes to your 27th birthday! Do you think you are in the best basketball age?
Lawrence Hill: No. I try to get better every day. I think right now I am better than I was a month ago. You never know when you best age is. You can only say that after the end of you career.
BBLProfis.de: You made your first pro-career step in Mexiko. How were your feelings there and which playing level has the mexican league in your opinion?
Lawrence Hill: I liked playing in Mexico, because everybody was friendly and worked hard. The mexican league is not on a high level in terms of professionalism. They are not running so many plays, it is more individual.
BBLProfis.de: After engagements in mexico, usa and israel you signed with the artland dragons. How satisfied are you with your first season here?
Lawrence Hill: I don’t think is was a satisfying season. I didn’t want to end the season in the semi-finals, I didn’t want to end the Eurocup and German Cup after the first round. I think it could have been a lot better, that’s why I came back.
BBLProfis.de: Please tell us which things you want to improve this season?
Lawrence Hill: I want to play harder and do the same things as last season in less minutes. With Dennis Horner and Guido Grünheid at my position, I need to try to be better.
BBLProfis.de: With Anthony King, David Holston, Antonio Graves, Brandon Thomas etc. there quite a few teammates who have a high quality. What’s your role in this Dragons team? Rebounds, threes and defense?
Lawrence Hill: On defense: I need to stop the other player at my postion on the other team, but also need to help the team and switch. Offensively the coach wants me to do everything: Passing, shooting, attacking the basket, not show any weakness.
BBLProfis.de: I think many people undererstimate your ballhandling, which is very good for a big men! In the alba-series there were some times, when you had to bring the ball, because David and Antonio were defended quite good. Where and when do you learned the good ballhandling?
Lawrence Hill: I used to play at the Small Forward position. And the way our offense is buildt, coach needs us to dribble sometimes and make plays.
BBLProfis.de: Let’s talk about the upcoming season. What is your aim this year?
Lawrence Hill: I want to get to the BBL finals, finish the regular season hight than last season, when we were in 5th and could have made it to the forth, but dropped down to 7th. I also want to reach the German Cup Top Four and the finals in the Eurocup.
BBLProfis.de: How important is the Eurocup in your eyes?
Lawrence Hill: It is very important because you play against teams that do different things than the teams in the BBL. It keeps our game fresh when we play so many different teams, more than if we played only BBL teams each week.
BBLProfis.de: Back to your aims. Do you hope to be invented to the All Star Game or is it not that important for you? I think the last All Star Game you took part was in the D:League right?
Lawrence Hill: I don’t think about that, it is not important to me. If I get selected I will have fun, but I rather have someone else go. At the D-League I went to the Allstar game to represent my team. I would respresent my team here as well.
BBLProfis.de: In the BBL there are also many good teams. Whats your favourite team to play against?
Lawrence Hill: Last season it was Bamberg. But this season I don’t know yet, because I have not played against them.
BBLProfis.de: Bamberg has a totally new team, Bayern munich has some new faces and Logan has left Alba. Is it good to know, that so many guys from the last season extended their deals in your team?
Lawrence Hill: Yes, it is. We know what we are able to do. it is good that we don’t have to spent half of the season learning everything we already know now, so we can concentrate on getting better.
BBLProfis.de: But with Seiferth, Horner, McCray or Schwartz there are also new players in the dragons team. Do you have the impression, that they really can help you to develop as a team?
Lawrence Hill: They play hard and unselfish. That is how we are trying to be. Every team could use players like them.
BBLProfis.de: Last question: Please describe the every day life of a professional basketball player here in europe.
Lawrence Hill: Wake up, eat, train, eat, nap, train, eat, sleep. Sometimes play video games in between.


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