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Bryce Taylor talks about Bayern Munich, his life in Germany and european Basketball

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At the end of a very intensive training camp, BBLProfis.de together with other journalists was invited to join the hotel to talk to the coach, some players and attend a training session open to the public. In this case Bryce Taylor was willing to talk to BBLProfis.de after the training session.

BBLProfis.de: How are you today? Are you fit? I noticed you were only stretching today.
Bryce Taylor: I am ok. I am starting to get my body ready. I had a little problem, nothing major. It has been a great training camp for everybody here. We worked a lot and we were tired. Everybody came in shape already. Especially John. Gavel is a monster. Compared to last season, everyone was more in shape. Everyone was as well last season. But it was better this summer. That makes training camp better, because you can do everything that you have been asked to do.
BBLProfis.de: How was your summer? Did you go home?
Bryce Taylor:My summer was really good. I went home to California for 6 weeks. I spent time with my family, saw my friends. So, it was nice though.
BBLProfis.de: Last season, when Bayern played against Ludwigsburg, George Karl said in an interview, that European basketball was more like college level and that it progressed a lot in the last few years. How do you see European basketball and especially German basketball?
Bryce Taylor:Well, this will be my 7th year playing in Europe. The 1st year I played in Italy. And the level there was very high. In Germany the level has increased every season I have been here. (Yassin Idbihi walks past me and Bryce Taylor and says into the microphone: blahblahblahblah, you can translate this as such) The level has improved a lot. You can see that the rosters have improved a lot. More teams have improved their budgets; the BBL has improved a lot. Also from the organizational standpoint as well. Every game is available as stream. The fan attendance is the 2nd highest in Europe. You got a great website, you got twitter. The league as a whole has improved a lot, the level has improved a lot as well.
BBLProfis.de: In America, before you came here, did you know anything about German basketball at all?
Bryce Taylor: I didn’t start looking into it till I was 100% sure if was getting drafted or not. I was hoping to maybe get drafted in the 2nd round. When I knew, I wasn’t getting drafted, I looked at Eurobasket.com and I was looking where other former College players were playing. I was looking for teams and I was trying to educate myself. At 2008 I started teaching myself
BBLProfis.de: Do you think European basketball has a better reputation in America now?
Bryce Taylor: You know, the NBA is more of a global league now. NBA teams are coming to Europe to play teams here. There is sort of ignorance about basketball outside America. That is improving now, that you not only American teams playing against European teams but also a number of international plyers having success in the NBA. It is getting respect I think.
BBLProfis.de: Do you think European players have changed the way basketball is being played in America?
Bryce Taylor: Yes. You have examples like the Spurs with a very international roaster. You can see it there. It is a classic example where team basketball comes 1st. You can say that the international players have an influence on a team like this.
BBLProfis.de: Do you enjoy yourself living over here in Germany?
Bryce Taylor: Definitely. Germany is like my 2nd home.
BBLProfis.de: Can you imagine staying here, once you have finished your career?
Bryce Taylor: Yes, definitely. I see it like Chris Ensminger. He is a good friend of mine. He is a coach now. He is coaching Oettinger Rockes Gotha.
BBLProfis.de: Did you know Bayern Munich existed as a club before you came over to Europe?
Bryce Taylor: I only knew about the football club, not the basketball. I was not that much of a soccer fan. So I only knew a little bit.
BBLProfis.de: How do you see your position within the team? Since Steffen Hamann and Chevon Troutman have left the club, there is a person to identify with missing. Can you take this role?
Bryce Taylor: I can take this role. I want to be one of the leaders of the team. I just try to lead by example. I don’t know if a will be captain or not. Coach Pesic and Marko will decide that. If I am not captain, I still try to be that guy.
BBLProfis.de: But you would want to be the captain?
Bryce Taylor: I would take that challenge on. No matter if I am captain or not, I try to be a better leader. Captain is more of a title. I try to be a leader figure.
BBLProfis.de: You have played for different teams. How do you see the organization of German teams compare to the States?
Bryce Taylor: The professionalism in Germany is very high. You have an office with several different departments. Marketing, ticketing, with all these things it is super organized. It’s the German way of doing things also, where the organization is very professional. That is a lot different to the States.
BBLProfis.de: The time you have trained, is a normal time for you to train?
Bryce Taylor: It would normally be at 6 or 7. Then we train 2-3 hours each time. The same in the morning as well. 4 hours every day. We practice hard. What you just saw (public training) is how we train every day. That keeps me fit. You get in great shape playing for coach Pesic. There is no choice but to be in shape. That is one thing that is very important for him. We have during the season weigh-ins; we take our weight every 2 days. I do that for myself during the summer as well.
BBLProfis.de: Isn’t it hard to keep up with the nutrition and the food intake offseason?
Bryce Taylor: My girlfriend was with me. She looked after me. And I am getting older now. I am 28 years old now. The most important thing is nutrition and to look after your body. When you don’t train, it is hard to cut down. Every morning when I wake up, I step on the scale and decide, what I need for that day and if I have to lose a kg. Then I also work out. It is part of being a pro is to take care of your body.
BBLProfis.de: did you get any form of nutrition plan what you were supposed to eat for the summer?
Bryce Taylor: Yes. Last year, I went to an internal doctor who told me what food to avoid. Then I keep that in mind over the summer. But I don’t have a specific plan. I tinkered with that over the years. I know roughly how many calories I am supposed to eat, what types of food I should avoid if I wanted to lose weight and what to eat if I wanted to gain weight. During the season I can eat 3000 to 4000 calories. That includes the training. I could possibly eat more, but I don’t like to eat that much. If I keep it like that my weight stays the same or may even go down a little bit.

We say thanks for the time and how easy you made it for us to take that interview with you.

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