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FC Bayern – Nun spricht Ex-Trainer Sasa Djordjevic

DE - Action - FC Bayern Basketball - Aleksandar Djordjevic

Die Entlassung des serbischen Erfolgstrainers Sasa Djordjevic beim FC Bayern Basketball sorgte in der letzten Woche für zahlreiche Schlagzeilen. Nun hat sich der ehemaliger Bayern Coach in einem offenen Brief zur Situation und zu seiner Entlassung geäußert.

Sasa Djordjevic spricht über seine Entlassung

Der ehemalige Bayern Trainer Sasa Djordjevic hat sich in einem offenen Brief zu seiner Entlassung zu Wort gemeldet, welcher bei Basketball Sphere veröffentlicht wurde. Darin bedankt sich der Erfolgstrainer nicht nur bei seinem Team, sondern auch bei den Fans der Bayern für ihren Support über die letzten 1 ½ Jahre.

Sasa Djordjevic spricht in diesem Schreiben jedoch auch über seine Entlassung. Wie der Serbe es beschreibt, habe eine rätselhafte und seltsame Eifersucht des Managements schlußendlich den Ausschlag dafür gegeben, dass der Headcoach von seinen Aufgaben entbunden wurde. Ebenfalls soll ein Mangel an Kommunikation und Austausch zwischen Sasa Djordjevic und dem Management der Bayern vorgelegen haben, was dem Serben bei seinem Rauswurf ebenfalls vorgeworfen wurde.

Genau diese Trennung zwischen Management und Team sei jedoch einer der Gründe für diese bislang so erfolgreiche Saison gewesen. Denn so konnte sich das Trainerteam auf die Spieler und umgekehrt konzentrieren, was zu einer starken Einheit auf und neben dem Platz führte.

Die Ergebnisse geben Sasa Djordjevic hierbei recht. Bis zu seiner Entlassung stand neben dem Pokalerfolg zudem der Einzug in das 7Days Eurocup Halbfinale und eine Bilanz von 23 Siegen und 2 Niederlagen in der Basketball Bundesliga.

Sasa Djordjevic wollte Neuverpflichtungen

Ebenfalls angesprochen wird, dass Sasa Djordjevic das Team mit ein oder zwei neuen Spielern verstärken wollte. Hiermit sollte nicht nur auf Verletzungen wie auf das Saisonaus von Milan Macvan reagiert werden, sondern vielmehr die Möglichkeit der Rotation unter den Startern vergrößert werden, um mehr Regeneration zu ermöglichen.

Der offene Brief von Sasa Djordjevic

Dear Basketball friends,

As I didn’t have the chance before, and due to some unfortunate latest strange decisions in my last club, Bayern Munich, I want to share with you all some of my thoughts and beliefs.

First, I want to thank my coaching, medical and all other members of the staff, along and most of all with the players, for their highest professionally, dedication and for the emotions we mutually, unselfishly shared every day. I appreciate YOU ALL.

Thank to all the opponents, colleagues, media, for our job appreciation, the support and the great words. It means the world tome, especially coming from a rival.

Finally thanks to BBL and Germany for hosting me and making me feel more than welcomed in these two years, enriching me both professionally and personally.

A Special thanks to the Bayern Munich Fans, for the unconditional support and love, mutually communicated through our basketball games and victories. I hope you enjoyed our team fighting and winning as much as I did, being this an historic season.

Unfortunately the chance of wrapping up this great season and making it even greater by winning the German BBL title was taken away from me last Wednesday.
In the final meeting of my season, I was told by the general manger of the club, that I was “suspended” as the Head Coach, and the reason was the lack of communication with him, to which my answer was simply the following: German Cup Winner, EuroCup semifinal and BBL 1st position with 23 wins and 2 losses!!!

The biggest reason we had such a successful season, so far, was, indeed, not having part of the management involved with the squad in everyday team routine. As a positive result, team and staff had the tranquility to focus and concentrate, as a strong unit, necessary conditions to win trophies.

Such a strong cohesion between the team and the staff led to the highest club’s results, in spite of a puzzling jealousy from part of the management, that felt overshadowed and eventually couldn’t live with it.

The thing that I regret the most is shamelessly being denied, along with ALL the members of the Club, the players first, the earned right to celebrate with our fans in the Audi Dome, the trophy, never won in the modern history of the Club, the German Cup.
My personal opinion is that the biggest reward a sportsman can receive, is not a winning bonus or a celebration’s present, but rather the sincere applause and appreciation of the fans, involved in celebrating a victory ALL TOGETHER.
That special feeling of togetherness we ALL were denied inexplicably.

However, since the beginning of the season we felt a strong lack of support for the team and staff, by showing personal distance and negativity, often expressed unprofessionally to people outside the club.
Such feeling and behavior escalated in a wrongful action by firing me as the Head Coach, and part of my coaching staff, instead of helping the team by signing 1 or 2 new players, agreed on, prior to the German Cup final, to make up for the hard injuries and fatigue of some of our starters !

Bayern Munich should be above such behavior to allow this kind of personal attacks and ruin the hard work of a lot of people, not only the coach.
Other than being an insult to one’s IQ, this is a violent attack, hurting not only myself, but the profession itself of a basketball coach.

As someone stated, the only opponent one cannot beat is the one sitting in your own court, acting against the common goal by using the argument of force rather than the force of the argument.

In spite of all this, I must give recognition and my personal thanks to Mr Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich President, who several days prior to my “suspension” as Bayern Munich Head Coach, publicly expressed to the media his satisfaction for “the best season in FCBB history” (quote), crowned with the German Cup trophy.
Those words, coming from the President himself, a great former champion, made the whole team very proud.
Personally, having the experience of more than 35 years of basketball at the top level, winning everything with Clubs and National Team, I deeply respect Mr Hoeness words!

Knowing all this and knowing that the most important job of a coach is to leave the team/club in a better shape than it was before, I consider my job very well done.
This season’s results, winning the German Cup (first in 50 years), semifinal in EuroCup (best result ever) and leaving the team in first place in BBL with a record of 23 wins and 2 losses, speak for themselves.

Happy Easter to All Bayern and Basketball fans.

Coach Sasha Djordjevic

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Tobias Forster ist seit vielen Jahren glühender Basketballfan. In der Basketball Bundesliga hält er dem FC Bayern München die Treue, während in der NBA die Dallas Mavericks und die Chicago Bulls seine Favoriten sind. Tobias berichtet über Neuigkeiten, ist jedoch zugleich im Bereich Interviews und Portraits aktiv.

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